Episode 5 | Entropy: The Universal Disorder

Recent Extinction Rebellion protests saw key sites across London shut down in an attempt to force the government to declare an 'eco-emergency.'

Our dissatisfaction with breakdown on a global, individual and societal level pushes many of us into activism. Increased numbers of people report suffering from ‘eco-anxiety’, and a recent study showed only 29% of American millennials currently believe that the country is heading in the right direction.

But can decay be completely reversed by human effort?

In this podcast, Tom Cozens speaks with Dr Mark Hocknull, who points out that decay finds its cause in deeper laws governing the physical universe. According to the principle of entropy, breakdown and decay are inescapable aspects of the natural world. The second law of thermodynamics states that decay and disorder are inescapable, and will always increase over time, despite human effort to reverse the process.

In the face of a world inescapably programmed towards breakdown, should we fight back or give up?