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What is owlinspace?


owlinspace is a small startup production company which creates thoughtful content for social, digital and broadcast platforms. Our partners include the BBC, The University of Hong Kong, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Caltech, ESKYIU, NIKE, BEAT, Oasis, Licc, CSLI, A Rocha, Ethos Media & more.

owlinspace produces its own monthly series of short films, including "thoughtshorts" TM and “SCIENCE & ETERNITY” TM.




Science & Eternity explores the relationship between groundbreaking science and the human experience.




"thoughtshorts" TM are owlinspace's monthly short films on big questions of science, philosophy and culture.




owlinspace works with companies, charities, universities and broadcasters, on thoughtful projects.




At owlinspace we create our own soundtrack for every film we make. Our style includes cinematic, electronic, and organic genres, giving our films a unique feel. Want a soundtrack made? Get in touch. 


Every December we release a compilation 'owlbum' of our soundtracks for viewers to listen to and reflect on. The OWLBUM is free to download, but if you like what we do, please do pay what you feel is right: this helps us continue to make thoughtful content.

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"Loved working with these guys - great passion and creativity, very pleased with the results. Looking forward to partnering on more projects."

David Leeds, Director of Creative Services, Licc

"Tom is a great guy to work with. Thoughtful, intelligent, articulate and shoots good stuff too. Writes music. Has a great library of his own footage. Ready to chat through what you really want. What's not to like?"

Jackie Sheppard, Producer, Footprint Films

"So refreshing and thought provoking. Creativity and skills."

Tom Price, Speaker and Media Expert, OCCA

"Tom Cozens is very creative...He's also assembled an excellent team around him to do just about anything you could ask. Highly recommended!"

Aaron Taylor, Director

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contact owlinspace

Would you like to commission a film, join our team, or just find out more? We'd love to hear from you. You can email our director Tom at tom@owlinspace.com, connect with us on social media or drop us a call.